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James Smith, III, MD

James Smith, III, MD

James Smith, III, MD

Service Type: Medication Management

Age Range: 1-100 Yrs.


Contact: 919-876-3130

Dr. Smith has been with MindPath Care Centers since 2005. He earned his BS and MD from Howard University. Dr. Smith served as a Lieutenant Colonel for the USAR during Operation Desert Storm. He also worked as chief psychiatrist at Central Prison Hospital, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center, and an outpatient psychiatrist for Wake County Alcoholism Treatment Center. Dr. Smith is a Distinguished Fellow of the APA, and is a clinical adjunct professor in psychiatry at Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Smith also belongs to the North Carolina Psychiatric Association and the L.A. Scruggs Medical Society. He has given conferences at the Wake County Area Mental Health Conference and the Mental Health Networking Conference. Dr. Smith is involved in his local community as a member of the Board of Directors for Catholic Social Ministries and Usher Board, as a speaker at the NC Minority Business Leader Conference, and as the Chair of the Wake County Board of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Smith is the Medical Director Emeritus of MindPath Care Centers and supervises several nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Although his advisory and administrative work does not leave him time to see patients himself, Dr. Smith remains one of North Carolina’s most experienced and committed advocates for comprehensive and compassionate mental health care across the state.

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