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About David Fulford, PA-C

Mr. Fulford graduated from Pennsylvania State University and has practiced for over 30 years. Mr. Fulford previously provided medical care at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and Patuxent, MD.

Partial List of Treatment Areas

  • Adjustment Concerns
  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Bariatric Surgery Evaluation
  • Bipolar I & II
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Post-Partum / Pregnancy Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Psychosis w/ Long-Acting Injectable
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

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    July 28, 2021

    David was very kind and made sure I understand what he was telling me.


    July 28, 2021

    David is awesome in his knowledge, and I am very happy with him.


    July 23, 2021

    I like Dr. Fulford


    July 23, 2021

    The provider is very engaged in events in my life that are troublesome to me. Don t lose sight of what is important to me. Keep up the good work.


    July 16, 2021

    Fulford is a rock star provider- I won t see anyone else. As a former pharmacologist, and a current counseling graduate student, I can say with confidence that David Fulford knows his stuff and has only the well-being of his patients in mind. Whether a situation concerns medication, finances, documentation, referrals, or anything else, Mr. Fulford uses expertise, ingenuity, and respect, to solve a problem. And he keeps informed about what is going on at the forefront of his field. Maybe I m gushing a bit, but I see world-class physicians as part of my care. And honestly, I won t go to anyone else until I have no other choice.


    July 16, 2021

    He is an awesome doctor! He listens to you, adds advice when needed, and truly understands. He diagnosed my problem and we are working through this.


    July 12, 2021

    He cares about your well-being. Awesome doctor


    July 9, 2021

    David is great


    July 4, 2021

    He's very understanding & helpful


    July 2, 2021

    He shows compassion, he is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk with


    June 30, 2021

    His compassion and understanding. Very happy with Dr. Fulford


    June 14, 2021

    David listens to my concerns


    June 9, 2021

    Glad to have David treating my family and I. Very kind and intelligent provider as well as a complete gentleman. Mind Path is fortunate to have him as part of their team there in Wilson NC.


    June 4, 2021

    Great for veterans


    June 3, 2021

    Mr. Fulford is great.


    June 1, 2021

    Dr. Fulford was able to make a genuine connection with our child in a fairly short amount of time.


    May 27, 2021

    He was great. I think he has his patients best interest at heart


    May 21, 2021



    May 21, 2021

    Great Doctor!!!!


    May 19, 2021

    He is awesome with me.


    May 14, 2021

    Takes time to explain everything, great doctor!


    May 12, 2021

    He always listens and explains in detail health matters. I needed and enjoy this medical assistant.


    May 11, 2021

    David is easy to talk with


    May 6, 2021

    Mr Fulford has a very calming demeanor, which makes it a very comfortable environment. He speaks to you, not at you and allows you to express yourself without judgement. He s very empathetic and truly seems to care about what ever issues you re dealing with. For me to continue going back speaks volumes for him as a provider, I truly appreciate the fact I feel comfortable enough to continue seeing him.


    May 4, 2021

    Dr. Dave is very patient.


    April 30, 2021

    The doctor spoke very clearly and focused on the issue at hand. Looking forward to meeting up again!


    April 29, 2021

    A wonderful truly caring provider/person! Glad I found him! The Wilson location is staffed with the best there is! I ve been a patient here for more than 20 years and it s the best it s ever been!


    April 26, 2021

    I feel very comfortable with David Fulford and appreciate his explanation of available medications.


    April 22, 2021

    Easy to talk to. He listens & gives plenty of time


    April 19, 2021

    He has compassion.


    April 16, 2021

    He is fantastic. Great guy, great service overall.


    April 14, 2021

    He is very nice


    April 13, 2021

    He listens thoughtfully.


    April 9, 2021

    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for your help.


    April 6, 2021

    When I was at my lowest, Dr. David offered hope and assured me that it will all be okay.


    April 2, 2021

    He was very understanding, asked me questions, also let me talk. I think we are on track to what is wrong! Was good to talk to an outsider, felt a lot better when I left to know what s wrong


    February 1, 2021

    He has been absolutely a blessing to me. He has watched me transform from an addict that would do anything for pills & he is always honest with me. :&


    January 30, 2021

    I love that he took the time to talk with me and explain all my options and the science behind the medications.


    January 26, 2021

    David has worked to get the right meds for me and has also explained at times why some meds were wrong. He's the reason for my success.


    January 25, 2021

    Very thorough history taken.


    January 21, 2021

    The personal feel and patience the PA had for my child was outstanding


    January 13, 2021

    He is a great guy. He finds common things to talk to me about that relaxes me and he is very easy to open up to about my mental health. I truly appreciate all the help David Fulford has given me.


    January 13, 2021

    Dr Fulford listens.


    January 7, 2021

    Felt comfortable always


    January 7, 2021

    My visits with Dr. Fulford have been very pleasant. I feel comfortable talking to him.


    January 4, 2021

    Very personable and easy to talk to.


    December 21, 2020

    Clean, pleasant environment: employees behave professionally and are nice.


    December 17, 2020

    I enjoy Dr. Fulford and I m glad mind path will continue to see me even though I have a high balance.


    December 17, 2020

    He always puts me at ease.


    November 20, 2020

    Mr. Fulford- Very nice provider. Very thorough and knowledgeable.


    November 4, 2020

    Everyone was very nice and easy to talk to. Mr. Fulford listened to what I had to say and made recommendations as I may need.


    November 4, 2020

    He listened to me and was caring. I am glad to be able to get my treatment there


    October 30, 2020

    He is always easy to talk to. He seems like he really cares.


    October 29, 2020

    First time I left a psychiatric appointment and felt at ease. I did not feel the need to cry or take an anxiety pill that evening.


    June 25, 2020

    Very good experience. Asked good questions and knowledgeable about medicines. My son really liked the provider.


    June 24, 2020

    I felt great. Mr Fulford spent time listening to me. I wasn't rushed. Very patient. Helped me with my problem. No wait time for my appt. I was very pleased.


    June 3, 2020

    The staff was very helpful and the clinician was great.


    March 27, 2020

    Great place I felt comfortable the minute I walked in

    Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas

    Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas. Please note that we plan to be open for appointments; however, be aware that power outages may be widespread which may impact telehealth and other appointments. We may not know until the last minute in all of our locations on Tuesday. Please be patient. We will waive missed appointment charges on Tuesday, August 4th in light of complications from the weather. If you and your provider are unable to connect, we will reach out to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.