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What are Developmental Disabilities?

Developmental disabilities are lifelong disabilities that can be attributed to mental or physical impairments that manifested before the age of 18. A developmental disability is not the same thing as a “developmental delay”, which is often caused by temporary illness or trauma during childhood. We are expertly trained to evaluate whatever challenges you’re experiencing, and help you find the solution you need. 

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If you have suspected coronavirus symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please contact your primary care provider for recommended next steps. We are following CDC recommendations to wear face coverings. Please wear a cloth mask, if you have one, to the office. Be aware that your provider may also be wearing a mask for protection. If you have a scheduled in-office appointment at MindPath, but cannot attend in person either because you have symptoms or because you do not want to be in public, please call your MindPath office to switch your appointment to a telehealth visit where you can connect with your provider from your home.

New patients who are interested in telehealth or in-office appointments can call us at 877-876-3783 or self-schedule an appointment by clicking ‘schedule an appointment’ and selecting ‘telehealth‘.