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Is CBD Oil Helpful for Mental Health? Part Two

Is CBD Oil Helpful for Mental Health? Part Two

By: Jorge Arredondo Meza

In part one of this article I offered some research and my personal opinions on whether or not CBD oil is useful for mental health. In this second part, I share a brief interview with mental healthcare provider, Katherine Carver, LCSW, who gives us her professional thoughts on the matter.

Do you recommend that people use CBD oil for mental health purposes? Have you found it to be an effective supplement and, if so, are there specific mental health issues you would link to CBD oil’s effective use, or would you recommend it more broadly?

I do not recommend this for people who do not already smoke or vape. I would not suggest that people who do not already smoke or vape start this habit. I do not have experience with CBD in other forms and cannot report on their effectiveness. Based on the research that I have done, as well as the personal testimonies of friends, I have discussed the use of CBD with clients who already smoke or vape. And I’ve seen clients who choose to use it get benefits and help with personality disorders, anxiety, and depression. 

Are there cases where you think CBD oil is not helpful for mental health issues? 

​I’m sure there are. I do not have enough knowledge on the effects of longer-term use and would be doing a disservice if I recommended it for a wider variety of mental health symptoms. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to find and use CBD oil in their daily life? In particular, do you have any advice on how someone can find high quality CBD oil?

Do not get it from gas stations or other tobacco shops. These places do not know how to answer the questions of customers in regards to types of CBD, or strength of the CBD. I have seen medical supply shops selling it now, and although I have not been to these places, I would imagine they would know more. I would suggest personal research into the strength and delivery method. 

Any other concerns you’d like to share? 

My concerns are similar to those of other self-medication methods. CBD oil should not be used on its own without another form of therapy, and never used to replace a psychiatrist-prescribed medication.

Reader, what do you think? Would you try CBD to treat your mental health or prefer prescription treatments? Whatever your answer is, I want to state that the intention of this article isn’t to shame those who use and prefer prescription treatments, but rather to provide information and start conversations regarding alternative modes of healing. 


Katherine Carver is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with young patients and their families. Her specialties include family therapy, PTSD, anger management, and grief/loss. She works at MindPath Care Centers at the Durham, NC location where she treats ages 13 to 50. More information available at https://www.mindpathcare.com/staff/katherine-carver-lcsw/.

Jorge Arredondo Meza is an innovative entrepreneur who is passionate about promoting awareness and self healing through their writing and hand-crafted products. For more information, please refer to their website https://apotheckare.com/.

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