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Porn Addiction Recovery Group

Do you experience negative impacts from using pornography? Do you find it hard to control these impulses? Do you want to acquire healthier behaviors? 

Start Date: TBD – Enrolling Now

Every Tuesday  |  6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Insurance Accepted: BCBS, Cigna, Magellan, MedCost

This group is a treatment program that will help participants understand their addiction to pornography, how to manage it, and how to make healthy choices. By the end of this treatment program, participants will know why they use pornography and will be in control of their usage or, if deemed most effective, will have eliminated their use. All participants will gain more confidence about not viewing pornography and understand how to make beneficial choices that lead to increased happiness in life!

Group participants will be guided by an expert therapist using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques for treatment in conjunction with peer support. This program offers clinical intervention that focuses on producing positive behavioral outcomes. This treatment program can be supplemented with peer-led addiction programs such as the 12-steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA).

Take the first step on the path towards regaining control of your impulses and your life!

Please note: This group program is not a good fit for people who are younger than age 18, for people who have active suicidal ideation or for people who have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. If you match any of these descriptors, we encourage you to seek individual therapeutic care with one of our providers.


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Group Hosts

Stephen Hughes, MA, LCMHC-S, NCC

Mr. Hughes lives by the philosophy, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” As a licensed psychotherapist he works with individuals, couples and families from diverse cultural backgrounds dealing with emotional difficulties, relationship problems and various psychological conditions. His goal is to help people define what they truly want, and then remove obstacles to those goals.

Porn Addiction Recovery Group

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Porn Addiction Recovery Group Contact Form

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