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The Daring Way™ Group

Are you looking to improve your connections with others? Are you tired of trying to keep it altogether? Do you struggle to put yourself out there?

Start Date: TBD

Every Monday  |  4:00pm- 5:30pm

Cost: $60 per session


5868 Faringdon Place, Suite 16A, Raleigh, NC 27609

Through the Daring Way™ group we want to help you fully engage in your life and your relationships!

We all want our lives and our relationships to be rich, deep, and meaningful, but the obstacles we face everyday often prevent us from allowing others to see us for who we really are inside. Many of us have experiences that make us want to guard our hearts, hide ourselves away, or paralyze us – whether that’s in marriage, friendship, parenting, work or leadership.

The Daring Way™ is a program that is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The  Daring Way™ group is a powerful, process oriented group where we explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. We examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding us back and we identify the new choices and practices that will move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus of the Daring Way™ group is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead. Further information about The Daring Way™ is available at www.thedaringway.com.

Course details: Participants must be 18 years or older. The course will take place over 12 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

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What our Patients Say

This was my first introduction to group therapy and it couldn’t have been better. Jackie and Paula are the most incredible facilitators and really care about each of the participants. I could not recommend the group more

- Michael M

I’ve been following Brené’s work for a few years and this group helped me express my opinions, learn from others, and just feel accepted! Jackie and Paula are a great duo and made the group a lot of fun and very open as they shared experiences from their own lives.

- Anonymous

Group Hosts

Jacqueline Camp, PhD, HSP-P

Dr. Camp is a licensed psychologist who earned her Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has been treating patients for 12 years. She is a caring and authentic therapist, and works from an interpersonal process and feminist perspective. Dr Camp leads groups and workshops focused on emotion regulation (based on DBT) and wholehearted living, and is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator.

​Paula Kline, PhD, HSPP

Dr. Kline is a licensed psychologist who received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has been treating patients for 15 years, using an integrative approaching that incorporates dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and an interpersonal, existential process. Dr. Kline is known for her combination of warmth, depth, and authenticity. She leads groups and workshops focused on emotion regulation skills development and whole-hearted living. She is also a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, and a proud member of the Daring Way community.

The Daring Way™ Group

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The Daring Way Contact Form

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If you have suspected coronavirus symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please contact your primary care provider for recommended next steps. We are following CDC recommendations to wear face coverings. Please wear a cloth mask, if you have one, to the office. Be aware that your provider may also be wearing a mask for protection. If you have a scheduled in-office appointment at MindPath, but cannot attend in person either because you have symptoms or because you do not want to be in public, please call your MindPath office to switch your appointment to a telehealth visit where you can connect with your provider from your home.

New patients who are interested in telehealth or in-office appointments can call us at 877-876-3783 or self-schedule an appointment by clicking ‘schedule an appointment’ and selecting ‘telehealth‘.