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MindPath Gender & Sexual Diversity Program

Learn how to affirm and support your transgender and queer patients, clients and employees.

MindPath Care Centers’ Gender and Sexual Diversity Program provides training to anyone who wants to learn how to improve the experiences of queer and trans individuals. We work with healthcare providers, small businesses, non-profits and corporate clients, tailoring our training to the participants’ specific needs.

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Program (GSDP) addresses the current lack of inclusive services for trans and gender diverse clients, sharing best practice information for anyone working with the LGBTQ+ community.

Dynamic, interactive and instructive, our GSDP trainings educate participants on best practices for working with queer and trans individuals. From social service and health care providers, to everyday workplace employees, our goal is to increase equity and bolster support systems for LGBTQ+ communities in their everyday environments by fostering understanding, imparting knowledge, and providing strategies for creating inclusive and affirming environments.

GSDP Trainings For Healthcare Providers:

We focus on how sexual identities and gender diversity present themselves in healthcare, common concerns that may be experienced or presented by LGBTQ+ patients, and how to make your clinical environment more inclusive and supportive. Our dynamic trainings educate participants on diverse experiences of sexual orientation and gender, recommend language and review relevant NC laws.

Benefits of Attending a GSDP Healthcare Training:

  • Trainings are endorsed by the National Association of Social Workers
  • Attendees receive certificates of completion for 10 clinical training hours
  • Training completion is the first step in being added to the GSDP Resource List
  • Increased potential for queer and trans client referrals

GSDP Trainings For Everyone Else—including small businesses, non-profits, corporations and more:

We tailor these trainings to your specific needs. Typically, participants receive comprehensive training on sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and microaggressions. We will help you and your staff understand LGBTQ+ issues, workplace transitions and relevant state and federal laws. This training can be structured for members of all groups, from front desk staff to executives and everyone in between in a plethora of professions and social contexts. We also offer consultations to review everything from your paperwork to your bathroom facilities to ensure an inclusive and accepting environment.


Available Training Dates:

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9:30-3:30pm both days

9:30-3:30pm, 12-6:00pm

9:30-3:30pm, 12-6:00pm

9:30-3:30pm both days

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