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How Gentrification Affects Mental Health

You probably have heard about gentrification in the news recently. It’s the process of wealthy people moving into an urban neighborhood and raising the property values to the point of displacing lower income residents. Gentrification was first coined by urban geographer Ruth Glass in the 1960s to describe the phenomenon of upper-middle-class British families buying…

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Transgender Individuals, Dysphoria, and Depression

Being transgender myself, I have experienced my fair share of dysphoria and depressive thoughts. It can be hard to cope sometimes. The thoughts become overwhelming. Sometimes it becomes hard enough that you feel like you’re being swallowed whole. I find solace in my friends who have accepted me for who I am – but sometimes…

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Election Aftermath – Now What?

I was not a very political person three years ago. I had only ever voted twice, once being a primary, and in fact I had been determined to keep politics more or less out of my life as much as possible, mostly due to the stress and anxiety it brought me. I don’t think it…

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Political Stress

If you find yourself stressed out more than usual by politics, you are not alone. Many Americans are finding it difficult to cope with the current direction the country is moving. The American Psychological Association recently did a survey where they found that 66% of the population feels the effects of the political climate. How…

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