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Let Them Eat Kale: My Struggles with Overeating

I’d like to share some about my journey to a healthier me, but first I must tell you why I’m not already healthy. Comfort food and overeating are, unfortunately, the definition of “love” in my family. In American culture it’s common to see people not only eating more than the recommended serving size but binging…

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“Don’t Be Hysterical” – The History of Sexism in Psychological Treatment

We as human beings would like to think that our beliefs and actions are founded in reality and logic. While we have made mistakes as a species, we often see these as temporary blips in the grand scheme of history: sure, our psychological theories and treatment of women was sexist and not based on any…

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The First Mental Health Appointment: What to Expect and How to Calm the Nerves

It’s completely normal to feel nervous or scared before you see your first psychologist. It may even feel wrong in some ways, which is also normal. [1] Rest assured, though, the fact that you are taking or even considering this step is mighty impressive — so give yourself a firm pat on the back. Many…

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Transgender Individuals, Dysphoria, and Depression

Being transgender myself, I have experienced my fair share of dysphoria and depressive thoughts. It can be hard to cope sometimes. The thoughts become overwhelming. Sometimes it becomes hard enough that you feel like you’re being swallowed whole. I find solace in my friends who have accepted me for who I am – but sometimes…

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Mental Health and Growing Up Asian American

My parents immigrated to the United States to give my siblings and me a better life. They gave up everything they had established in Laos so we could have a chance at something better. My mother always taught me to work hard to achieve my dreams. When things got tough, I was told I needed…

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Surviving the Holidays in Recovery

While most people view the holidays as a joyful time, they (the holidays) can prove to be difficult for someone in recovery for substance abuse. The holidays lead to stress, expectations, bad memories, and shopping pressures, to name just a few of the potential negatives. If you’ve dealt with previous holidays by drinking or using…

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CODEPENDENT BEHAVIOR: What it is, how to spot it, and what to do about it

I had my fair share of unhealthy relationships. I’ve been in both positions during breakups: The one who did everything in their power to keep the relationship going, and the one who pushed the other person away out of fear. I have allowed my insecurities to get the best of me, and I have hurt…

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Co-Occurring Disorders and Overcoming Addiction

A co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis, is a mental disorder that combines with substance abuse to compound one’s symptoms and complicate treatment. Over half of all individuals suffering from drug addiction are also believed to have a co-occurring mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder. Conversely, over one third…

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Bullying Part 2: What To Do About It

In Part One of our recent discussion of bullying, we talked about what behavior constitutes bullying, and how adults can learn to recognize it when it’s happening. Here in Part Two, we’re sharing tips and strategies for how to deal with bullying and what you can actually do to stop it. Houston resident Aubrey Fontenot…

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Mental Health in the Military

As someone who has known more than a few soldiers from the military in my life, I can say with confidence that soldiers with mental health conditions are overlooked, and often struggle to get the care that they need. On top of this, there is a huge stigma that surrounds mental health, especially for military…

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