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Alzheimer’s Disease: Challenges and Advice

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative cognitive brain disorder that causes a loss in memory, thinking ability, and reasoning. It is a fairly common disease that usually affects the elderly population although cases of early-onset Alzheimer’s also occur in populations under 65 years of age. Five hundred thousand cases are added yearly, and it is the…

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Deception of Memory: How mental health shapes our memory, and vice versa

When I was a kid, I had a tendency to remember obscure trivia and unimportant information. I could basically quote half of the movies I liked to watch over and over again, and I loved to spout meaningless trivia that I had picked up from here or there. But when it came to my day-to-day,…

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They’re People, Too: Ageism and Mental Health

I’ve always been very close to my grandfather. When I was growing up, he was a never-ending source of wisdom, humor, and stories from his fascinating life. When I was in eighth grade, I made a project of writing a book about his experiences based on interviews. Every couple of weeks, he and I would…

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A Mental Health Friendly Gift Guide

The holidays are a time of gift giving, and it is common to struggle to think of just the right gift for your loved ones and friends. Many times we end up buying something out of desperation that we are not even sure the person will like, just because we felt obligated to purchase something.…

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National Family Health History Day

Knowing your family’s health history is so important that a pending lawsuit in the UK may dramatically change medical confidentiality practices that have been in place for thousands of years. The ACSH reports on the case of a woman whom this article refers to as “Jane” for her privacy. Jane sued her father when he…

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Common Stressors for New Caregivers

Nearly 10 million adults in the U.S. are providing care to their aging parents today. In fact, this phenomenon is becoming a national trend, with the number tripling within the last 15 years. While every situation is unique, there are several common stressors that emerge for adult children faced with this new responsibility for which…

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Alzheimer’s is an incredibly serious and currently irreversible form of dementia that worsens over time. Among other symptoms, patients often have problems with memory, general behavior, and reasoning. Discovered over a century ago by Dr. Alois Alzheimer, it is the most common form of dementia, affecting over 40 million elderly patients worldwide. Although preliminary treatments…

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