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How Anxiety Affects Us

January 2, 2020

by Andy Greene As MindPath’s Dr. Daniel Wurzelmann explains, “Anxiety can be helpful in alerting us to possible danger and encouraging us to prepare for upcoming challenges, like studying for a test or preparing for a trip. But, anxiety can become a... more »

The Connection Between Healthy Eating & Depression

December 28, 2019

The famous phrase, “you are what you eat” tends to make us think of obesity and diabetes. However, many studies are showing connections between one’s eating habits and depression. Have you noticed how you feel after a big Thanksgiving meal? Maybe tired our lousy? It’s... more »

Coping with Unexpected Life Transitions

December 23, 2019

Life can be demanding with the many responsibilities and expectations we have for ourselves or that others have for us. Many of us have an idea of what we want our lives to look like—whether that includes attending college and landing the entry level job, beginning a... more »

Two Christmases: My Last in Addiction & My First Sober One

December 20, 2019

We are approaching the most special time of people for many people. Christmas is a time for family, gift-giving and reflecting on the year past. It’s usually a very special time for most, but when it comes to those in early recovery, it can be a trying time. The first... more »

The Gift in Giving for Loved Ones’ Mental Health

December 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to help a loved one who is experiencing difficulty with their mental health? Perhaps they aren’t the type to respond to help in the ways that stimulate you, or they have a hard time asking for help from anyone. In that instance, it is... more »

4 Unexpectedly Good Depictions of Mental Health on TV

December 3, 2019

By Charlie Monroe I watch a lot of TV shows—not as many as I used to, but enough to fumble my way around the pop culture landscape in This, The Era Of The Streaming Wars. I have also been forced to grapple with a reasonable portion of mental health issues in my... more »

Seasonal Affective Disorder: How to Cope with SAD

December 2, 2019

By Jorge Arredondo Meza The fall weather is known for bringing a lot of things along aside from just lower temperatures. For instance, a majority of us, aside from residents of Arizona & Hawaii, observe daylight savings time, a time where we set our clocks back an... more »

Finding Your Family for the Holidays

November 26, 2019

By Andy Greene Family can be amazing. In an ideal situation, family is always there for you, to love and support you. That kind of unconditional love can make all the difference in our lives. Sadly, life isn’t always ideal and for a lot of people the holiday season... more »

Debunking Myths of Men’s Mental Health

November 25, 2019

By Andy Greene Unfortunately there exist many commonly shared myths about men’s mental health. Here are four of them and why they are not true or factual. Myth No. 1: Men just don’t get emotional. One of the most common myths is that men just don’t have or express as... more »

How Men Can Practice Self-Care & Escape “The Man Box”

November 14, 2019

by Andy Greene Self-care is an important skill that anyone can learn, but many struggle with. This holds especially true for men, due to a number of societal and emotional factors, including toxic masculinity. A surprising amount of people, including men, believe that... more »

Mood Food Vol 2: How Inflammation Affects Mental Health

November 11, 2019

by “ChefNurse” Ellen Minier, MSN, PMHNP-BC Depression is a devastating condition, which can effect up to 300 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of disability. 10% of the adult population in the United States is reported to suffer from the... more »

The History Of Treatment for Depression

November 5, 2019

By Andy Greene During the chaotic era that was the middle ages, mental health was not exactly a priority for most people. With even the most rudimentary physical healthcare as bare bones as it was, you can truly imagine just the state of mental health care—i.e. nearly... more »
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