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Again, this is a blog post that has been rolling around in my mind for a while now.  At times I wasn’t sure it was the right topic to cover, but with everything going on in the World, I feel there is no better time than right now.  You can ask a dozen different people, and each will tell you something different about what the World is missing or needs most.  Some will tell you God; some might say more guns, or less guns, or more government, or less government; less greed; the list goes on.  What I truly believe the World needs more of is simply…love.

Now, I understand that everyone has a different definition of love, and I also know that actually defining love is beyond difficult; but I will say for certain what love is NOT.  Love is not harming or hating others because of their race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc.  If your religion requires you to hate a certain group of people, either you’re “doing it wrong” or you need a new religion. That may not be popular to some people and frankly I don’t care.  I joke with my friends that the only criteria that a person should be judged on is whether or not they are an a-hole, and nothing more.  It’s also difficult when the World (especially pop culture) romanticizes “unconditional love;” I believe the only possibility of unconditional love is between parents and children … and a puppy dog and their human.  Unconditional love states that NO MATTER what another person does, you will always love that person.  Now, that is all nice and sweet, but I can think of a few things my girlfriend could do that would instantly make my love for her go from unconditional to non-existent in an instant.  Unconditional love is something the jewelry stores made up so you feel more inclined to spend 5K on an engagement ring.

Love is not having any food to eat, and you come home and find someone “broke” into your apartment and left a plethora of canned goods and a bunch of other food on your counter.  Love is finding out the person who “broke” into your apartment was your landlord, whom you owed five months of back rent too.  Love is when you don’t believe that love actually exists and someone from whom you never expected it enters your life and – through one random act of kindness – restores your faith.  (You know who you are!)

I recently found a video by Sturgill Simpson, the song is called “All Around You”, and this song and video is LOVE.  The video can be found at the link below:


The video begins with a young girl who is dressed like a superhero, and as she is walking the World is following behind her, as if she has the entire weight of the World on her shoulders.  As the video progresses, she randomly finds a ring in the dirt; the ring is heart-shaped, and after she picks it up, she places it on one of her fingers.  At one point the heart grows bigger and bigger until it becomes a shield, she then begins to fight all the hate in the World.  First there is a figure who seems oddly familiar – with orange poofy hair and a red tie. I’ll let the reader decide who that might be.

After she defeats this hateful figure, she uses the shield to punch a hole into a prison wall; the fact that the hole is heart shaped couldn’t possibly be more profound and she leads the people out of the prison.  This signifies to me that she is freeing people from their prison of hate through love. I’m not sure there can possibly by anything more profound.  She then proceeds to fight numerous instruments of war such as tanks and fighter jets, pushing each one off of a cliff into the abyss, finally standing with a diverse group of people as the heart ascends into the sky, signifying the end of hate and leaving only love behind.  Mind you, this is entirely my interpretation of the video – but I think it’s pretty dead on.  Every time I see the video and listen to the song, my breath catches in my throat.

I’ll end with this: never be afraid to love, and never be afraid to love again after losing love.  If you want to contact me and leave some feedback, please do, at [email protected].  If you ever feel like you’re not loved, contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to send some love energy your way.

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