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Tapping into Your Resilience

April 12, 2021

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word Resilience as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” In regard to mental health, psychological resilience is seen as the ability to adapt well when experiencing adversity, trauma, or other... more »

Parenting is Hard

April 5, 2021

As a therapist, no matter what the presenting problem seems to be for a patient – if they’re a parent, it is inevitable that parenting difficulties eventually come up in session. Parenting is hard. It feels hard because it is hard. Raising a well-adjusted human... more »

What Type of Therapy is Most Cost-Effective?

March 30, 2021

The importance of mental and behavioral health is progressively being recognized more and more. Health insurance companies are beginning to provide coverage to those who are seeking help in behavioral health. According to HealthCare.gov, mental health services are now... more »

Anxiety and the Brain – Brain Awareness Week

March 17, 2021

For many individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, it can be helpful to provide some explanation of the parts of the brain that play a role in anxious responses. Many individuals voice frustration about their anxiety experience, stating “Why do I even react like... more »

Building a Better Relationship with your Therapist

March 4, 2021

  Let’s paint a scenario: It’s your third session with your therapist. They’re wonderful and offer great advice, but something just doesn’t seem right. You feel like they’re holding back or maybe you’re holding back. You’re nervous to delve into your emotions and... more »

Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas

Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas. Please note that we plan to be open for appointments; however, be aware that power outages may be widespread which may impact telehealth and other appointments. We may not know until the last minute in all of our locations on Tuesday. Please be patient. We will waive missed appointment charges on Tuesday, August 4th in light of complications from the weather. If you and your provider are unable to connect, we will reach out to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.