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I’ve always been a person who loves to create. From sewing to 3D modeling, I’ve dabbled in many different forms of art, ostensibly just for fun. Only recently, though, have I come to realize that creativity actually helps ease my mood substantially. Art has become, in every sense, therapeutic for me.

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When I had to break up with my first boyfriend, it was incredibly hard for me. I spent the whole night crying about it and generally feeling anxious and upset. When morning came, I remember reluctantly pulling out my lined notepad, writing some sad poems, and drawing a few doodles to see if it would help… and, in fact, it did. While letting out my emotions through tears was one thing, letting them out on paper was an entirely different experience. I felt like I could almost feel the bad feelings roll out of me and into my words and drawings!

From then on, whenever I wanted to let out an emotion, I would always do something creative. I did it without thinking about it. Not only did I get to let out my feelings in an effective and safe way – I could also make something interesting or beautiful as a result. Something tangible was coming out of my experience.

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For a while, my art was solely based on my emotions. While this made for very interesting creative works, eventually I had to backpedal in order to not let myself rely on my art too much. Coping mechanisms are great, but you can’t let them replace real therapy and intervention. There was a point where no amount of doodling would help me feel better, and it was at that point that I needed to seek other forms of help. While I still use my art to vent sometimes, I’ve tried to keep it more balanced with the other things in my life. I highly recommend trying a creative hobby and letting your emotions shine through – just don’t take it too far! I’d also recommend trying many different types of art to see what inspires you. You may find something you’d never even heard of before.


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