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Do Breathing & Mental Health Apps Work?

By Charlie Monroe A couple months ago, I downloaded the app Insight Timer on my phone. [1] It’s a compendium of hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxation mantras of nearly every imaginable length and style. To be honest, I haven’t used it nearly as much as I planned to.…

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Mood Food Vol 4: Chocolate & Mind Care

by “ChefNurse” Ellen Minier, MSN, PMHNP-BC Chocolate, often referred to as “the food of love” has been a Valentine’s Day staple since the turn of the century when Richard Cadbury is said to have designed the first heart-shaped box of chocolates. Long before then, the Aztecs and Mayans recognized that the cacao bean was quite…

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Disenfranchised Grief: what it is & how to cope

by Denise Padilla de Font & Daja Mayner, MSW, LCSW When someone in our life dies or we experience a transformational loss, we want to be supported by friends, family and our community while we grieve. Typically, the loss is ritualized through private or public ceremony, such as a funeral. Society acknowledges our loss through…

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Recovering from a Break-up

by Andy Greene Breakups are often very difficult and emotionally taxing on a person’s mental health. Not all breakups are bad. Some are mutual and amicable; sometimes a breakup can be wonderful and freeing! It is also to be expected that large percentage of breakups are quite the opposite and are difficult to handle. As…

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How to Fix Sleep Problems

by Megan Comer, PA-C Sleep is something that we all want to improve.  No one seems to be getting enough sleep, yet it is so vital to our wellbeing.  There are many sleep disorders out there, but there is hope! There are also a lot of ways to treat problems with sleep.  Let’s cover two…

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How to Stop Criticizing Yourself

by Andy Greene Reflecting on one’s self is important and can help us learn how to be better people. However, there should be a limit on this reflection of character and many people go far over what they can handle, beating themselves up in the process. Many of the reflections they make aren’t even true…

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How Anxiety Affects Us

by Andy Greene As MindPath’s Dr. Daniel Wurzelmann explains, “Anxiety can be helpful in alerting us to possible danger and encouraging us to prepare for upcoming challenges, like studying for a test or preparing for a trip. But, anxiety can become a disorder when it becomes overpowering and starts to interfere with our functioning and…

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