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Bullying: What it is & How to Recognize it

Between 4th and 8th grade I have vivid, painful memories of being frequently bullied at school. Fellow students made fun of my hair and my clothes, pulled chairs out from underneath me, threw things at me, mocked me, and called me names. These experiences solidified my own insecurities — my lack of perceived self-worth —…

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Political Stress

If you find yourself stressed out more than usual by politics, you are not alone. Many Americans are finding it difficult to cope with the current direction the country is moving. The American Psychological Association recently did a survey where they found that 66% of the population feels the effects of the political climate. How…

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Fall is a wonderful time of the year. We leave the humidity, sunburns, and mosquitoes for crisp air, foliage, and all things pumpkin. The Fall is also a great time to focus on letting go. The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go, as the leaves transform into…

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How to Help a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

My name is Crystal and I am an addict. I always have been, and always will be an addict. The difference is that today I am a recovering addict. The reason that I say I am a recovering addict, and not a recovered addict, is that addiction is never something you are “cured” of. It…

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Self Care Tips

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of bad habits and forget to take care of yourself. On my worst days I want to stay in bed all day; my responsibilities sometimes suffer greatly because of it. Dishes and laundry pile up, bills fall behind, I start to lose touch with my friends and family.…

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What are Cognitive Distortions?

The term “cognitive distortions” can sound intense and scary, as if something is severely disturbed in your brain; but this is not the case at all. A cognitive distortion is simply a maladaptive way of thinking — that is, a way of thinking that doesn’t feel good or help you in any way. There are…

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October 5th – Do Something Nice Day

Who knew there was a national day set aside for doing something nice? Of course, ideally, every day is an opportunity to do something nice for someone, but we’re adding in a specific for you on this October 5. Take a moment to think about some of the nice things you’ve done for people lately—maybe…

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For as long as I can remember I had trouble expressing myself with words. I felt that anything that came out of my mouth would sound stupid, or that no one could understand how I felt. I was afraid to put myself out there, so I tried to take up as little space as possible…

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