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Family Health & Fitness Day

This year’s Family Health & Fitness Day falls on Saturday, September 29. This annual event promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages families to spend time together in fulfilling, active ways. National Today points out that “a staggering amount of people — 80.2 million over the age of six, to be exact — are physically inactive.”…

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Suicide Prevention

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Oftentimes forgotten about, suicide is an incredibly serious and important topic. While it can be difficult to talk about suicide, it’s imperative that we do so – especially during this time of awareness. I, along with many others, am a person who has been affected by suicide. Whether you are…

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by Kristy Southivilay Please note: This content contain mentions of sexual abuse. We often imagine PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as being reserved for military veterans, or mothers experiencing postpartum PTSD after childbirth; but PTSD can happen to anyone who has gone through terrifying events that have significantly affected their well-being. Car accidents, unexpected deaths, military…

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Pitfalls of Patterns – How your brain’s most important function can make you miserable

Fill in the blank: 1, 2, 3, 4, __. You most likely said “5” without even having to think about it. This is because your brain has long since memorized the pattern of our numeric system, and can access this pattern, automatically, at a moment’s notice. The human brain is designed to recognize patterns with…

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Healthy Aging

September is healthy aging month, so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips. 1. Water is your friend Writer Barbara Brody quotes the Baylor College of Medicine suggesting that you, “don’t wait until you feel thirsty: It means you’re already somewhat dehydrated.” 2. Cut back on alcohol (but you don’t need to give it up!)…

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Everyone has anxiety. People can experience different degrees of it, but it’s something we all have to manage. In this two-part blog post we’re talking about a few simple exercises and easy-to-learn skills that can dramatically mitigate anxious feelings. Our bodies store stress, anxiety, and trauma even when our minds do not. Therefore, it’s important…

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