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My Toxic Parents

Growing up, I never lived in a particularly calm environment. Fights among my family members would break out often – mostly due to my parents. As I would learn much later, they both suffered from chronic mental conditions. My stepfather suffered from narcissistic personality disorder, and my mother suffered from borderline personality disorder. Both of…

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My Relapse

A relapse, simply put, is a terrifying experience. One moment you’re riding a high – you’re feeling better than ever. The next, you feel like you’re falling headfirst into a pit of snakes. There are many different types of relapses that people experience. Most people are most familiar with drug relapses. Sadly, however, that isn’t…

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A few years ago, a friend and a coworker of mine was leaving the country for an indefinite period, and held a modest going-away gathering at a bar in Durham. My social anxiety compelled me to arrive early. My friend was there already, as was one of her friends: a writer and filmmaker who was…

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