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Gardening & How It Makes Us Happier

Simply put – life can be challenging. It’s sometimes hard to get through the day, and proven coping mechanisms such as physical exercise and stress relief can be hard to come by in our breakneck world. We’re always trying to find new ways to help ourselves make the challenge of self-care a little easier. And…

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“Stop Crying Like a Girl” – Growing up with Toxic Masculinity

As a child I was, as my peers so often liked to call me, a bit of a crybaby. I had always been prone to emotional expression, whether it was after watching a sad movie or because I was feeling lonely. I even recall crying once after my teacher broke it to me that a…

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Getting it Down – Expressing your Feelings through Art

I was recently going through some old boxes of mine, both to organize my old belongings and to go on a bit of a nostalgia trip. Among the polaroid photos, handmade Super Ari stories so old that my toddler scrawl of nonsense had faded away into the yellow pages, and elementary school behavioral progress reports…

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It’s Spring! Why You Don’t Have to Feel Happy

Spring is finally here. People are wearing shorts, the birds are infectiously happy, flowers are blooming everywhere. In the grocery store today, a man told me, “You look so sad. Be happy! The weather is beautiful.” While there’s always room for gratitude in our days, and nice weather certainly can be something to be grateful…

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Have you ever felt scared, sick, or worried before you gave a presentation at work or school? Typically, anxiety in this type of situation is called “performance anxiety,” and it is extremely common. The symptoms of performance anxiety – which, again, are widely accepted as commonplace – is comparable to one of the most common…

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I got good grades in High School. I didn’t understand how important this was to my self-esteem until I got to college and stopped getting good grades. Now, I had always maintained, even from an early age, that I hated grades on principle. I despised “track systems” and “advanced classes” that placed certain students into…

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