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Psychiatric Medications and Weight Management

When it comes to achieving and maintaining an optimal state of mental health, your mental healthcare provider may feel it’s necessary for you to be on medication as part of your treatment plan. Unfortunately, a common side effect of some psychiatric medications is weight gain. Some studies have concluded that 1-4 cases of obesity is…

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Unhealthy Escape

Content Warning: This blog post contains explicit descriptions of the author’s personal struggles with issues of self-harm, depression, and related trauma. This will probably be the most difficult thing I will ever write, and definitely the most difficult blog post I will ever write. The original title for this blog was “Self-Harm”, but I couldn’t bring…

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Seven Most Common Misconceptions about Mental Illness & Health

Our country has come quite a way from the Freudian stigmas and public embarrassment associated with mental illness of the early 1900s, but some skepticism remains. Even in 2017, there are many myths and misconceptions about the legitimacy of mental health and the efficacy of treatment, some of which prevent people from reaching out for…

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Dating Someone Who Has a Mental Illness

You’ve met someone who you really like. He listens to you. Finally, someone who really listens and asks questions, who shows genuine interest in you. And he’s funny! And he thinks you’re funny, too. Your first several dates flew by, each one of them ending with the two of you staying until closing time, just…

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